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One of the main areas of interest in the initial development of Russell Coins was to improve the long-term stability and viability of the coins with anonymity as the core. The basic idea behind Russell Coins is to try to follow the concept of currency setting, but to improve everything else that money-inspired solutions and ideas can improve.

UX/UI Design
The primary node mode

Through the main node system, RC realizes the mixed mining of PoW-PoS, supports the main node broadcast, and enables the main node and the miners to get 50% each reward

Brand Identity
Anonymous mixing

Using a decentralized currency within the digital currency range, we can make the currency itself fully interchangeable. Swapability is a property of money, and all units of money are determined to remain equal

UX/UI Design
Send instantly

Based on the main node broadcast and based on instant messaging technology, RC transactions take less than two seconds to settle on average

Web Development
Income is distributed fairly

Instead of allocating 10% block awards to foundations, the RC does not participate in RC allocations, but instead allocates all block awards to miners and primary nodes


The basic functionality of the RC


区Blockchain solves the long-standing trust problem in people’s interactions, allowing them to track interactions without entrusting the interaction logging process to intermediaries and bypassing various regulatory agencies. Blockchain is considered a great technological innovation in decentralize because interactions can achieve the effect of trusted interactions without relying on external intermediaries.


Blockchain peer-to-peer transmission is also known as “peer-to-peer network”, blockchain is a decentralized system composed of “peer-to-peer network” to maintain consistent data records between nodes to establish a distributed “ledger”.

Privacy protection

Because there is no need to trust each other, there is no need to disclose identities between nodes and nodes, and the privacy of each participating node in the system is protected.

Cannot be tampered with

The data is open and transparent when all nodes have the same ledger. It’s very interesting because the data in it can’t be tampered with. Because the system will think that the same number of the largest number of ledgers is true, a small number of books and other people’s number of different ledgers are false ledgers. It makes no sense for anyone to tamper with their own ledger, because unless you can tamper with most of the nodes in the entire system. Nodes are distributed anywhere on the Internet and are unlikely to be tampered with unless someone has control over most of the world’s computers.

Distributed trust

Participating in the exchange of data between each node in the entire system is not necessary to trust each other, the operating rules of the whole system are open and transparent, and all data content is public, so that in the system specified rule range and time range, nodes can not and cannot deceive other nodes

Workload proof mechanism

PoW is the proof-of-work mechanism. PoW mechanism is mainly through competitive accounting to solve the blockchain network of the consistency of the nodes. That is, “pay for work”, how much work you pay, how much you will get paid. In a blockchain network, the job here is the computing service you provide for the network (calculation x duration), and the process of providing that service is “mining”.


for your contribution


Russell Coin is a complex and evolving project, so we stand ready to focus on the code and welcome experienced developers to participate and contribute to the code. We have a lot of future plans to improve and optimize Russell Coins, and without a strong open source development team, we wouldn’t be able to do that. If you want to check or participate, the project library is hosted on github.


Project Wiki is a community maintenance wiki that contains a wealth of information about Russell coinage technology and useful information about how it works. You can help you do better by fixing bugs, adding translations, and staying up-to-date.

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If you want to report any errors and help us make Russell Coins more stable, you can use the error tracker on github.


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