Release the public beta version of Russell Coin 1.0.0
  • Keep in mind that this is only a beta version designed to eliminate errors and test new features
Official edition of Russell Coin
  • After several rounds of bug fixes and improvements, after team research decided to abandon the 10% bonus system of the Team Fund and make further version upgrades, on November 21, 2017 the official version of Russell Coin 1.0.0,Russell Coin was officially created
The first production was halved
  • The first production at block height of 132000 is halved, and the output is 10 coins per block
Mobile APP Wallet Android version online
  • A test mobile wallet will be developed in October 2018 and will be officially launched in November
The second production was halved
  • The second production at block height 264000 is halved, and the output is 5 coins per block
Into the fire letter APP
  • The Russell Coin Community, which is part of Fire Letter APP, was a sensation when it established the Russell Coin Community of 100,000 people
By the well-known digital currency market platform non-small inclusion
  • BiKi is a global digital currency trading service provider. Platform has a strong technical team and operations team, serving nearly 100 countries and regions, more than 1 million users worldwide
On-line Biki Exchange
  • BiKi is a global digital currency trading service provider. Platform has a strong technical team and operations team, serving nearly 100 countries and regions, more than 1 million users worldwide
The third production was halved
  • The third production at block height of 396000 was halved, and the halved output was 2.5 coins per block
Successfully defend against large-scale power attacks
  • The mine was hit by an unidentified super-calculational malicious attack, and fortunately Russell Coins successfully defended against this large-scale arithmetic attack, once again verifying Russell Coin’s ability to defend against double-flower attacks
Algorithm upgrade
  • Successfully optimize the upgrade to the X20R algorithm
Make an underlying architecture upgrade
  • Secure the wallet, add the main node broadcast function, optimize the main node operation mode and so on
Establish community mine pools
  • For the first time, the RC community has a community mine pool that provides more quality services to community miners
The fourth production was halved
  • The fourth production at block height of 792000 was halved, and the halved output was 1.25 coins per block
Reshaping community
  • Online on the new version of the website
  • Community blog was established
  • District technical volunteers, mine representatives, announcement team resident
  • The district technical team reorganised the RC code
The bottom layer is organized
  • The underlying architecture is migrated for the first time
  • RC server security hardening and decentralized deployments and managed negotiations between teams
Team management
  • Distributed management of RC domain names will be managed in consultation with different teams to achieve community decentralized management
  • The RC community representative organization structure was established
  • Establishment of the RC Community Autonomy Committee
  • RC Cloud Wallet Development Team
Resource restructuring
  • Resident community, blog-led development
  • Set up the underlying architecture migration team to prepare for a second migration
Group expansion
  • The establishment of the node treasure reserve group
  • Android, ios development team set up
  • Node Bao official development team was established
  • The External Coordination and Distribution Group was established
Technological exchanges
  • A panel of technical representatives of the migration and grooming community for android wallets
  • RC Wallet Split Study
  • Introduce witness consensus research
  • The feasibility study of mining is introduced by introducing independent network protocol research coefficient
Technology upgrades
  • A study of the consensus of the arithmetic treasure
  • ipv6 supports node deployment