Invest in Glin, Beam or Russell Coin?

In fact, about the recent period of fire Grin and Beam, I believe that concerned friends have been aware of these two projects, and certainly know that their only common denominator is theMbleWimble protocol, and for this “magic protocol” named after the Voldemort in Harry Potter has some understanding. Don’t care about friends, should also have little interest to understand, so here is not much to introduce these two projects, a few simple summary, into the theme. MimbleWimble Protocol, which specializes in anonymity and privacy. And Monroe, Big Zero these are a goal, is that they think Bitcoin is still too transparent, although it is already anonymous transactions, but after all, the address is publicly available, transaction records can be accessed, history is also available, then this degree of anonymity is far from enough. And the MimbleWimble agreement can be reached: transactions are not checkable, transfers are not, that is, when and when to which address to which address transferred how many coins, these, are not checkable. The most attractive thing about these two projects is their clean roots: tech geeks, no ICOs and private placements, and no pre-excavations. And all of this gives the illusion that even if it’s not the next bitcoin, at least the next Monroe? Coupled with the bear market has not been hot for a long time, so rarely a little can stimulate people’s nerves of hot spots appear, will naturally cause people’s crazy pursuit. In the early hours of January 17th, Grin officially began trading on the exchange, before investing, I hope you calm down and look at the analysis of the small editor, but although many people hope that the small editor is optimistic and take everyone to buy together and so on, after all, the bear market is too long, the loss of money want to buy back, short positions want to buy money, money is also idle for a long time, are eager to try and so on, can be said to be a hair-scratching. Unfortunately, the little editors are here to pour cold water on everyone, and Grin and Beam don’t recommend investing. I’ll break it down into two points, the main data and reference object is Grin. First, monetary policy Glin’s monetary policy is the least sustainable reason I think Glin is very special, one minute to produce a block, a block of reward is (60 x) Grin, and never decay.

One coin a second, one day can produce more than 80,000 Grin, the first year can produce more than 30 million Grin. Grin does not pre-dig, its initial total is 0, it is also worth noting that the total amount ofGrin is not capped, under the influence of such a mechanism, Grin’s currency price will undoubtedly have sharp fluctuations, and later, with the increase in the total amount, there will be greater fluctuations, because the larger its base, the greater the impact of variables. These two days just opened the price volatility is very high, the natural risk will increase, combined with the current bear market status of the coin circle, is not favored by the industry. Second, a long time in foreign countries? A lot of people just heard about this project, have noticed, or because of this attention to this project, that is, “this project is very hot abroad, fire for a long time”, then is it true? Perhaps this is not really the first Google trend to look at, because the wordGrin is “smile” meaning, too popular, search the word meaningless, so I searched the name of the mimblewimble protocol:

As you can see, that is, this time the heat only skyrocketed, and this trend, and the domestic trend is actually similar:

So perhaps there is no such thing as a fire between these two projects and the mimblewimble agreement, which is “fire from abroad to home”. And Grin’s official tweets don’t seem to be as hot:

And all kinds of clues also let the injured very deep leeks have commented below: “Will it be export to domestic sales?” “”Certainly is the project that the Chinese people engaged in” is the way, and want to deceive me to take over? “…”Of course, there is no indication that this is a “domestic project”, but because the founder is completely anonymous and does not make a large amount of money from the project (in contrast, the team took 20 coins per block is not a decent story, although not related to the interests of the small editor) so the small editor is more inclined to think that Grin is not a domestic project. But it is not really a “foreign fire, domestic catch-up” project. Let’s talk about Russell Coin, which is also backed by excellent technology, not only with the above-mentioned selfless fundraising, no ICO, no pre-excavation and the ultimate in anonymous privacy! The good and bad of a coin is not a fabrication, to speak with data, good money depends to a large extent on whether there is pre-dug, small editor did not find favorable data to prove thatGrin and Beam did not pre-dig, but Russell Coin is a complete no-pre-excavation master! How do I tell if I’m pre-digging? The editor will tell you right away, please see below:

A: Hit your wallet and wait for your wallet to sync. Open wallet – “Help” – “Debug Window” – “Console” in turn

B, input command: getblockhash block 1 such as input: getblockhash 1 get the hash value of the first block: 42d5ed6d7f1740ac5da23bb63410aaac84cffb3853fbc0366343b582372dc58

C, input command: getblock just got the hash value We enter: getblock 42d5ed6d7f1740ac5da23bb63410aaac84cffb3453fbc0366343b582372dc58

D, find the value of tx, we are here: a866e929e7b58499b7f7f4c87b9cb888ce0aa04d75a0925e32ed47b3a32fdc9 We enter: getrawtransaction a866e929e7b58499b7f7f4c87b8cb988ce0aa04d85a0925e32ed47b3a32fdc9 1 (Spaces at the back of the top 1 don’t miss out)

E, then the information obtained, “value” value is the content of this block: 20.000000000, is the currency quantity of the first block. The output of the first block of the Russell Coin RC found in this method is as follows:

The anonymity of Russell Coin also does a great job. It also has three major privacy technologies, namely: Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP), coin mixing technology and ring encryption technology. 1. Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP), a cryptography technique, is a zero-knowledge proof that proves certain data operations without disclosing the data itself, allowing both parties (the certifier and the certifier) to prove that a proposal is true without disclosing any information other than that it is true. Second, mixed coin technology, Russell Coin’s coin-mixing function is based on CoinShuffle. CoinShuffle can connect two wallet users who initiate payments at the same time, both of which are unknown. Transactions can then be mixed and encrypted, making it difficult to determine where the transaction is going. For example: A transfer to B 5RC, Russell Coin uses CoinShuffle, disrupts and joins C, D, E, F and other users to participate in the transfer, after many times mixing coins, so that the privacy of commercial users can not be found. Third, ring encryption, A to B transfer 5RC, in ring CT transactions, A will not be directly disclosed to the network 5RC, but to provide a digital RCXXX, as the transaction amount output. RCXXX is a random number of plus 5 (the real transaction amount). Random numbers are used to mask the true amount and are automatically generated by the wallet. The network can use this RCXXX value to verify that the transaction input is equal to the amount of the trade output to confirm that no additional RC has been forged. Another indicator that largely determines the value of a currency is that the total amount of Russell Coin is not as large as Beam’s more than two billion, let alone Grin’s unlimited number, its total number of issues is 21 million, can be said to be very small, after the total number will always be limited to 21 million, with a strong scarcity, its appreciation space is not small. Analysis is almost here, a brief summary of it. Grin is not a good project, certainly, excellent technology cool founding team, no marketing at all but won a lot of attention is not without reason. Russell Coin is supported by strong technology, coupled with a constant number, uniform distribution, anonymization, low transaction costs, blockchain technology, no pre-excavation, code open source, consensus active participation mechanism and distributed database characteristics, the momentum of development is increasingly favored by the outside world. Whether it’s Grin, Beam or Russell Coin, they’ll be the “middle-class pillar” of the virtual digital currency of the future, and they’ll paint a beautiful rainbow for the virtual currency era!

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