Announcement on RC launching digital future innovation zone and opening RC / usdt trading pair

Dear RC community members

The digital future innovation zone is about to launch RC and open RC / usdt trading pairs. The details are as follows:

1. Opening and charging: 11:00, September 5 (UTC + 8)
2. Open trading: September 9, 14:00 (UTC + 8)

Digital future, referred to as “DF” (formerly known as bituan coin group), is a new generation of digital assets international station, which is subordinate to digital future Pte Ltd. It is headquartered in Singapore. It provides a wide range of blockchain asset services to global users and focuses on discovering high-quality innovative blockchain asset investment opportunities. Up to now, it has provided dozens of trading and investment services for digital asset categories, Focus on optimizing product layout, adding various types of digital asset derivatives, and actively creating and improving the “ecosystem” of platform products. DF insists on putting “user first” in the first place, and provides safe, efficient, convenient and professional blockchain asset service platform for global users. DF official website address ;

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