Russell Coin, another seeded player after EOS

Many people did not think that once the obscure digital currency EOS tokens can be quiet for nearly 8 months after the explosion, creating a 24-hour 23% rise, quickly in the digital money market made a name for themses, attracted a lot of users and capital eyeballs. Just as nine years ago, almost no one thought that a toy-like bitcoin could reach the price of a few thousand or even tens of thousands of dollars a piece, even though it needed thousands of dollars to buy a pizza at the start of its life. Is the so-called eye- and eye-seeing, in this era to be a Bole, not only sharp-eyed can find a good goal, but need to have a strong information analysis ability, in order to be able to walk in the forefront of market trends.

Recently, there is a digital currency called Russell Coin in the market development quite the shadow of bitcoin and now EOS tokens, not only in the structure and algorithm is better, but also in the operation management model of the concept is very advanced. At present, the performance of this digital currency product in the market showed a steady growth state, not affected by the outbreak of digital currency security breaches at the end of May and Bitcoin market price fluctuations, many new users choose this digital currency as their first digital currency.

First of all, this Russell coin has a very large advantage in the block currency reserves, the total amount is the same as Bitcoin, which is equivalent to the Russell coin in the subsequent development of a very powerful power source, can ensure that within 50 years will not be due to the depletion of the mine pool affected circulation. For digital currencies, because money is non-renewable and limited, it is necessary to reserve more within a certain range.

In addition, Russell Coins has been optimized and upgraded on the encryption algorithm. Unlike Bitcoin, Russell coins are much more secure, and can be effectively prevented, whether it’s ADDoS attacks directly on mining areas or sniffing attacks on data transmission channels, or horse attacks directly against users. This efficient defense mechanism comes from the system security self-test function of Russell Coin.

Finally, Russell Coin for the past Bitcoin, Ethereum and other market transactions processing slow problem optimization, the use of distributed network technology, the effective use of active nodes between users, can maximize the processing speed of user transactions, basically 7-8 transactions per second processing efficiency to millions of transactions per second, to meet the needs of users, and because of the removal of the central control node, so the fee is also quite low, well received by users.

With these advantages, Russell Coin is in good 2018, and many users believe it is another seeded player after EOS tokens.

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