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The RC community team formed by the excellent consensus, with pioneering cohesion, using advanced decentralized management system, with blockchain management ideas and technology to intervene, almost all teams are telecommuting, blockchain mutual confirmation, mutual signature, compensation based on blockchain currency settlement. Each member is autonomous, has its own proposal right, can be chained registration, consensus fund to pay miners’ fees, this is a form of imitation of blockchain form of management model. In the subsequent development, this model is not only the management mode of the team, but also the effective combination with the blockchain, so that the project team, the use of blockchain technology, join and exit, member interaction, the use of blockchain non-central trust mechanism, in the community consensus and blockchain de-trust mechanism, RC technology is not only the team, but also the management of RC, or blockchain, to achieve RC team, technology, blockchain, integration process.

Russellcoin team

Unity is strength

M1 group

It’s an unknown, mysterious, and chaotic group that is said to have existed when the RC was founded, little is known, not even the team’s public key, and the name M1 was taken temporarily by the VNK team (the profile was added > the < VNK team)

R Group

Set promotion and publicity in one, non-stop for RC to bring fresh blood, for RC community development and stability, bring effective protection, I believe this from the RC initials, can bring good luck to the team, the introduction comes from the < community unclassified team 1> and < R group >

RC Volunteer Planning Group

From the community, give back to the community, these groups of community volunteers, supporters, will give the future of the RC

VNK Team

Wallet maintenance

Nut team

Solid foundation, iron hit the bottom, I believe the name will give RC a solid foundation, community station maintenance team, the new version of the community station development team

Community Mine Pool Team

The mine, which belongs to the RC community, was maintained by wechat community, with the participation of volunteers

Pancake fruit

The name comes from creativity, creativity comes from life, creativity comes from eating (manual funny), android wallet maintenance team

RC Site Hosting Team 1

A donation team, RC’s community site hosted on the change team server, other information is not immediately available

RC Site Hosting Team 2

Another hosting team, which provides port forwarding, ddos defense, etc. for RC’s block browsers, but is not a block browser developer or team, is associated with < unknown team 2 >

Water drop team

Secondary review and compilation of github code, as well as release

Unknown Team 1

This is an unknown and unknown team that, by having been present by data analysis, participated in the code development and submission of the RC, with no public key

Unknown Team 2

This is an unknown, and do not understand the team, through the data analysis is already present, involved in RC block browser development and maintenance, no public key, no contact

Community support

Russell Coin is a complex and evolving project, so we stand ready to focus on the code and welcome experienced developers to participate and contribute to the code. We have a lot of future plans to improve and optimize Russell Coins, and without a strong open source development team, we wouldn’t be able to do that. If you want to check or participate, the project library is hosted on github.
If you want to report any errors and help us make Russell Coins more stable, you can use the error tracker on github.
You can help Russell Coin develop Russell Coin

by donating it to our Russell Coin Address:Rdqgodx5jg5tgffhvsmbhknbrudw1j