Innovation Consensus Redefining blockchain

The bottom code of the RC is based directly on the bottom layer of the first generation of Bitcoin, holding the original intent of the blockchain, and we will use this original intention to create a blockchain that belongs to us alone


We will create a better blockchain network ecology

Russell Coin is a set of bitcoin-based blockchain, running independently of the Bitcoin network, and he is a movement of blockchain, a monetary symbol generated by the currency, rather than dominated by the currency, which not only has the same blockchain characteristics as the Bitcoin underlying, but also has its own unique blockchain characteristics

for future mechanisms Make background
for possible creation Blockchain should have new network protocols
Work for neural networks, training blockchain

UX/UI Design
The primary node mode
Marketing & SEO
Send instantly
UX/UI Design
Anonymous mixing
UX/UI Design
Income is distributed fairly

Basic features

Russellcoin basic features

When value is injected, its denomination will have unique value, with the value of the injection of elastic characteristics


Distributed trust

Cannot be tampered with


Community consensus

Proof Of Work

Let’s start

Download the client to start mining wealth

Download wallets and let me make money together


The historical version log


The historical version log


The historical version log

operating mechanism

See how Russellcoin works

Only action can reap more underlying


Russell Coin runs a distributed blockchain network where effort is required to create new coins. It can be used to send money around the world anytime, anywhere, just like e-mail.


Russell Coin uses a separate “balance sheet” called the account tree to maintain address balances, rather than transactions to obtain address balances.


A transaction is how money is sent between different addresses. More broadly, trading is an order for some type of modification applied to the account structure.


Mining is the bookkeeping process, miners are bookkeepers, blockchain is the ledger. The billing rights of the Russell Coin system are decentralized and every miner has the right to keep books.

Are you jumping on your to the test now?

Come on, brother, join us in mining!

Team Introduction

Professional and technical, professional team

We developed very carefully

M1 group

This is an unknown, mysterious, and chaotic group that is said to have existed at the time of the creation of the RC, little is known, not even the team’s public key, and the name M1 was taken temporarily by the VNK team (the profile was added by the < VNK team >)

R Group

Set promotion and publicity in one, non-stop for RC to bring fresh blood, for RC community development and stability, bring effective protection, I believe this from the RC initials, can bring good luck to the team, the introduction comes from the < community unclassified team 1> and < R group >

RC Volunteer Planning Group

From the community, give back to the community, these groups of community volunteers, supporters, will give the future of the RC

Latest developments

What’s new

We’re making a little bit of progress every day and we’re going to do better